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The Online Store for Shipping and Mailing Labels

Shipping Labels
When you’re shipping out boxes, rest assured that when you send a package, it arrives in the right place, and in one piece. For when "Where’s your box?” turns into “What happened to your box?", we have exactly what you need.
  • We offer a huge range of shipping labels and tags, at the lowest prices, so a quick, inexpensive label saves you time and money.
  • Universal symbols comply with transport regulations. Mark boxes as ‘Made in America,’ ‘Perishable,’ or ‘Fragile.’
  • Read a bit more about why labels are so crucial for safe delivery.
Personalize custom templates, or order free-form mailing labels to get a blank slate for your personal artwork.

Shipping Labels

 Fragile Stickers

• Hard-to-miss fluroscent labels.

• Starts at $9.40 for 500 labels.

 Mailing Labels

• In a variety of materials.

• Printable label templates in stock.

 Arrow Labels

• Find IATA-compliant designs.

• Choose rolls or dispensers.

 Made in USA Labels

• Flexographically printed labels with colorfast inks, in optional dispenser.

 Handle with Care Labels

• Safely handle fragile items.

• Backed with a strong adhesive.

 Do Not Stack Labels

• Labels available in a roll of 500.

• Grab a dispenser, too.

 International Shipping Labels

• Universally recognized symbols.

• Scuff and scratch-resistant labels.

 Tip and Drop Indicators

• Monitor mishandling of packages.

• Shock indicator labels available.

 ESD Labels

• Comes in handy dispenser boxes.

• International Susceptibility Symbol of JEDEC Standard No. 625-A.

 Packing List Labels

• Available in bright, fluorescent colors – Red, Orange, Green.

• Roll of 500 labels.

 Perishable Shipping Labels

• Tear-proof and durable materials.

• Great for food or medicines.

 Refrigerate Labels

• Convenient rolls or a dispenser.

• Internationally recognized symbols.

 Past Due Labels

• Small, effective, and affordable.

• Hard-to-miss fluorescent colors.

 This End Up Labels

• Don't turn anything over.

• IATA compliant designs available.

 Shipping Stencils

• Permanent, tamperproof images.

• Stencils are easy to clean.

 Top Load Only Labels

• Bold, contrast lettering.

• Available in rolls of 500.

 In-Stock Address Labels

• Affordable, stylish, & durable.

• Smudge-proof labels last long.

 Damaged Shipping Labels

• Sold in roll of 500 labels.

• Adhere to most surfaces.

 Receiving Labels

• Fluorescent colors can’t be missed.

• Affordable, with unbeatable quality.

 Pallet Labels

• Bright colors stand out.

• Sticks well to a variety of materials.

 Handling Labels

• Wide variety at the best prices.

• Choose fluorescent labels, too!

 Heavy Shipment Labels

• Withstand scratches or scuffing.

• Backed with an acrylic adhesive.

 Inspection Labels

• For all industrial environments.

• Write-on, fluorescent, & more!

 Label Dispensers

• Great for desk or wall mounting.

• Fits multiple rolls simultaneously.

 Military Standard Labels

• 999 and NMCS labels available.

• Scuff-resistant for rough handling.

 Mixed Merchandise Labels

• Mix it up, but mark it well.

• Attractive colors grab attention.

 Envelope Labels

• Premium quality; lowest prices.

• Rolls of 500 in red, white, and blue.

 ORM Labels

• Other Regulated Material (ORM) labels, ideal for non-DOT shipment.

 Overpack Labels

• Mark your heavily packed boxes.

• 500 labels for as low as $14.

 Rush Shipment Labels

• Ideal for medicines or perishables.

• Bright colors grab attention.

 Shrink Wrap Labels

• Strong adhesive for shrink wrap.

• Bright, straightforward messages.

 Skid Labels

• Keep everything wrapped up tight.

• In bold, standout colors.

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