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The Online Store for Shipping and Mailing Labels

Shipping Labels Shipping Labels Shipping Labels Shipping Labels Shipping Labels Shipping Labels
When you’re shipping out boxes, rest assured that when you send a package, it arrives in the right place, and in one piece. For when "Where’s your box?” turns into “What happened to your box?", we have exactly what you need.
  • We offer a huge range of shipping labels and tags, at the lowest prices, so a quick, inexpensive label saves you time and money.
  • Universal symbols comply with transport regulations. Mark boxes as ‘Made in America,’ ‘Perishable,’ or ‘Fragile.’
  • Read a bit more about why labels are so crucial for safe delivery.
Personalize custom templates, or order free-form mailing labels to get a blank slate for your personal artwork.

Shipping Labels

 Fragile Stickers

• Hard-to-miss fluroscent labels.

• Starts at $9.40 for 500 labels.

 Mailing Labels

• In a variety of materials.

• Printable label templates in stock.

 Arrow Labels

• Find IATA-compliant designs.

• Choose rolls or dispensers.

 Made in USA Labels

• Flexographically printed labels with colorfast inks, in optional dispenser.

 Handle with Care Labels

• Safely handle fragile items.

• Backed with a strong adhesive.

 Do Not Stack Labels

• Labels available in a roll of 500.

• Grab a dispenser, too.

 International Shipping Labels

• Universally recognized symbols.

• Scuff and scratch-resistant labels.

 Tip and Drop Indicators

• Monitor mishandling of packages.

• Shock indicator labels available.

 ESD Labels

• Comes in handy dispenser boxes.

• International Susceptibility Symbol of JEDEC Standard No. 625-A.

 Packing List Labels

• Available in bright, fluorescent colors – Red, Orange, Green.

• Roll of 500 labels.

 Perishable Shipping Labels

• Tear-proof and durable materials.

• Great for food or medicines.

 Refrigerate Labels

• Convenient rolls or a dispenser.

• Internationally recognized symbols.

 Past Due Labels

• Small, effective, and affordable.

• Hard-to-miss fluorescent colors.

 This End Up Labels

• Don't turn anything over.

• IATA compliant designs available.

 Shipping Stencils

• Permanent, tamperproof images.

• Stencils are easy to clean.

 Top Load Only Labels

• Bold, contrast lettering.

• Available in rolls of 500.

 In-Stock Address Labels

• Affordable, stylish, & durable.

• Smudge-proof labels last long.

 Damaged Shipping Labels

• Sold in roll of 500 labels.

• Adhere to most surfaces.

 Receiving Labels

• Fluorescent colors can’t be missed.

• Affordable, with unbeatable quality.

 Pallet Labels

• Bright colors stand out.

• Sticks well to a variety of materials.

 Handling Labels

• Wide variety at the best prices.

• Choose fluorescent labels, too!

 Heavy Shipment Labels

• Withstand scratches or scuffing.

• Backed with an acrylic adhesive.

 Inspection Labels

• For all industrial environments.

• Write-on, fluorescent, & more!

 Label Dispensers

• Great for desk or wall mounting.

• Fits multiple rolls simultaneously.

 Military Standard Labels

• 999 and NMCS labels available.

• Scuff-resistant for rough handling.

 Mixed Merchandise Labels

• Mix it up, but mark it well.

• Attractive colors grab attention.

 Envelope Labels

• Premium quality; lowest prices.

• Rolls of 500 in red, white, and blue.

 ORM Labels

• Other Regulated Material (ORM) labels, ideal for non-DOT shipment.

 Overpack Labels

• Mark your heavily packed boxes.

• 500 labels for as low as $14.

 Rush Shipment Labels

• Ideal for medicines or perishables.

• Bright colors grab attention.

 Shrink Wrap Labels

• Strong adhesive for shrink wrap.

• Bright, straightforward messages.

 Skid Labels

• Keep everything wrapped up tight.

• In bold, standout colors.

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