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Do Not Stack Labels

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When you have a fragile box, be sure to use Do Not Stack labels so no one loads one on top of the other. Prevent crushing from ruining your packages with a quick label.

• Standard, fluorescent, or brightly colored backgrounds, so these are sure to stand out.

• Rolls of 500 labels, with a specially formulated adhesive for any packaging materials.

• Choose a design from the options below.

Do Not Stack Labels for Shipping

As low as 4¢ / label
As low as 6¢ / label
As low as 4¢ / label
As low as $42.84 / stencil
As low as 2¢ / label
As low as 4¢ / label
As low as 7¢ / label
As low as 7¢ / label
As low as $6.75 / label
6"x6" to 18"x18"
As low as $1.85 / label
3.5"x5" to 12"x18"

Do Not Double Stack Labels

2" x 4" (h x w)
3" x 5" (h x w)
2" x 6" (h x w)
8" x 10" (h x w)
2" x 6" (h x w)
3" x 10" (h x w)

Do Not Top Load Labels

Do Not Top Load
2"x6" to 3"x6"
Do Not Top Load
Do Not Top Load
Do Not Top Load

Stack Pallet Cone

Stop Stack Pallet Cone

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