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Made in USA Labels

Made in USA Labels
Country of origin label easily differentiates a US-made product from other countries' product at international shipping bases. A 'Made in USA' label clearly indicates that the country of manufacture, production or growth of the product is, United States of America. Made in USA labels are widely used in import-export of clothes, wool, fur and automobiles made in USA. Such labels also help boost US's economy during crisis as customers look for made-in-USA products to promote local manufacturing.

Made in USA Labels feature national flag of USA for better comprehension.

• Paper labels with peel-off liner come in a roll for easy dispensing. You can order the roll with a dispenser to help keep the labels neat and easy to peel.

• Widely used in shipping, our premium Made in USA Stickers are durable and resistant to weather abuse, abrasion and temperature.

Made In USA Labels (67137)

Made in USA Label
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Made in USA
4" x 4" (h x w)

USA Label
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4" x 4" (h x w)

Made in the USA Label
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Made in the USA
3" x 4.5" (h x w)

Made in America Label
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Made in America
2" x 3.5" (h x w)

Made In USA Flag Label Dispenser Box
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Made in USA, American Flag
2" x 2" (h x w)

Made In USA Flag Labels in Dispenser
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Made in USA, Flag
1" x 1" (h x w)

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