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Size 2.78" x 3.80" x 0.10"
Package 1 Indicator
Material Teladrop Tip-N-Tell Package Tipping Indicator [TT-TNT]
Contents Standard package contains 20 plastic indicators, 20 instruction sheets and 20 sets of red on white self-adhesive warning labels per device. One goes on the package and the other is affixed to the bill of lading.

Telatip Tip-N-Tell Package Tip Over Indicator 

Telatip Tip-N-Tell Package Tipping Indicator

Package : 1 Indicator • Price per Indicator
Minimum Qty. 20 • Order in Multiples of 1 Indicator
20 100
$2.95 $2.45
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Product Description
The Tip-N-Tell is a low cost system to warn of possible damage to a container that has been tipped in transit. It is so sensitive that it will indicate if a container has been gently tipped on either side or completely upended.

• Housed in a bright red 2.78" x 3.80" x 0.10" plastic card, the self-adhesive TelaTip is quickly affixed to the side or inside of a package.

• With the Tip-N-Tell, any concealed damage can be spotted at the time of delivery or before the delivering carrier leaves the consignee's dock.

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