Shock Indicator Label: Green Shock Indicator Label - 100g @ 50 msec (LB-2029) Learn More...

Part# LB-2029
Colors Green and Black
Shape Diamond

Product Description

Now easily monitor if your package is mishandled during transit. Our Shock Indicator Label is the most affordable and effective way to gauge any damage to your package.

  • Label is ideal for avionics equipment, service/repair electronics, wine cases, computer parts, tapes, discs, and more.
  • This Green Shock Indicator Label has a sensitivity of 100G at 50 msec.
  • Label sticks to your package easily.
  • Buy with our large Shock Indicator Companion Labels that explain the function of indicator labels in more detail.
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  • 3.75" x 3.75"
  • Shock Indicator Label
Shock Indicator Label
May 21
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  • Shock-sensitive bar in center of label turns red when package is jostled or dropped.
  • Labels come in 5 different sensitivities based on the weight of the package. Refer to our suggested guidelines to know which label is right for the contents of your shipment.
  • Labels attach to the package with adhesive.
  • Larger 8.5" x 6" Companion Labels with instructions for handlers sold separately.
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Size:3.75" x 3.75"
Material:Shock Indicator Label
25 Labels/Pack
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