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Part# LB-2715

Product Description

No need to dole out hefty amount on impact indicators - here’s a low-cost option for you. Detect shipping irregularities with affordable Protect-A-Pak Indicator that alerts about the damage caused by g-force impact in case the package was mishandled.

  • Pick a G-level. Options start from 5g and go up to 500g.
  • Application of this device is easy. Just attach the indicator to your shipment or the inside of the box with self-adhesive pad or twist a mounting flange into the box from outside. Now slide the indicator into the flange and then, attach the label with the viewing hole over the flange to secure Protect-a-Pak indicator.
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  • 1" x 1.25"
  • Protect-A-Pak Indicator
Protect-A-Pak Indicator
Dec 4
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  • Shock-indicator bar provides visual evidence that unseen damage may have occurred.
  • Indicator comes in 18 different sensitivities. Choose the G Range that works best for the package being shipped.
  • Indicator can be applied in two ways. Either apply with the self-adhesive or use a mounting flange. Mounting flange is not included.
  • Shock-indicator measures 1.25" in diameter.
  • Labels attach to the package with adhesive. Label measures 5.5" x 6.5". Label not included.
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Size:1" x 1.25"
Material:Protect-A-Pak Indicator
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10 Indicators/Pack
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