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Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a “Fold-Over” Label?

These labels are increasingly popular.

Fold-Over shipping labels wrap from the side of the box to the top. That way, a portion of the label (the part that says “This End Up”) can be seen from the top of the carton with the rest of the shipping label (the up arrows) is seen from the side. In a sense, you get “two labels” for “the price of one”.

Q. What is a “Corner-Wrap” Shipping Label?

These are the labels that, typically, are used on a shrink wrap pallet and placed on the corner of the package. These longer labels than wrap-around the edge and can be seen from two directions.

Q. Should I use a fluorescent label or just a red label? Why are fluorescent labels better?

This is just a personal preference. Yes, fluorescent shipping labels get your attention. Fluorescence is used on everything from Work Zone and School Crossing signs to clothing. Generally, fluorescent labels are seen earlier and less likely to be skipped.

On the other hand, I still prefer a red label with white letters for many applications. When placed on clear shrink wrap, these red labels stands out very well. The red seems to frame the message.

Q. How many fragile labels do we need on a package? Is it possible to “overlabel”?

This depends on the carrier, the packaging, the value of the shipment and your appetite for risk. Certainly, many shippers do not hesitate to place two or three fragile labels on an especially important box. Often, these will be of different types – to gain more attention. A label might be placed on the top of the box with others on the sides.

We are a label vendor, so it may seem hard for us to understand our biases regarding the number of labels used. Certainly, you do not want your shipments to arrive looking like the old 60’s van after a cross-country trip. Yet, labels are inexpensive. There is little downside to adding a few more fragile label warnings – just to make sure that your important message is not lost.

Q. Is there a standard for color-coding?

We offer color-coded inventory labels in 12 different colors. Although we have a certain pattern of color coding for days of the week, months, etc., we are not aware of any national standards for color coding.

Q. Are your labels okay to use on food? Are there any special rules here?

Our labels should not be used directly on food. It is possible, however, to place our labels on the food package or wrapper. Although customers use our color-coded inventory labels to rotate food stocks, I am not aware of a standard that defines a meaning behind a particular color.

Q. Can I get some samples of your shipping labels?

Of course. Please contact our customer service team and they will be delighted to send you some samples.

Q. Do your labels have square or rounded corners?

Most of our labels have square corners, unless noted – or seen on the graphic of the particular label product. Our square cut shipping labels are a bit more economical than our die-cut shipping labels with rounded corners.

Q. Are your color-coded rectangles thermal [transfer] printable?

Our color coded rectangle labels are not designed specifically for thermal transfer printing. If, however, you need a special material, contact our customer service department.