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Arrow Shipping Labels: This Side Up Do Not Stack Do Not Crush (D1505) Learn More...

Part# D1505
Color White
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Keep the package oriented properly to prevent damage. This "End Up" arrow labels gives the warehouse vital moving and storage instructions.

  • Shipping labels convey multiple messages - Do Not Stack, Do Not Crush and This End Up.
  • Paper labels have an aggressive adhesive that sticks well to boxes, shelving, plastic drums, etc.
  • To keep your labels handy and neat, order a dispenser too.
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    4.5 mil200ºF60#Mar 30
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    • Label is flexographically printed with color-fast inks for durability.
    • Permanent acrylic adhesive.
    • Scuff and scratch resistant. Labels have a gloss finish.
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