Rush Shipment Labels (4648)

Rush Shipment Labels
In a rush? Attention-grabbing red hot labels mark your urgent packages.
  • • Our rush shipment labels are backed with an aggressive adhesive that is specially formulated to stick to a variety of packaging materials.
  • • Especially helpful for marking medical supplies.
  • • Most are sold in handy rolls of 500.

Rush Shipment Labels (67421)

Rush Medical Supplies Urgently Needed Label
2.5" x 6" (h x w)
Rush Label
1" x 3" (h x w)
Air Freight Label
2" x 6" (h x w)
Live Plants Please Rush Label
3" x 5" (h x w)
Rush AGO Label
4" x 4" (h x w)
Rush AGO
4" x 4" (h x w)
Hot Rush Critical Shipment Label
2" x 8" (h x w)
Rush Hot Label
3" x 6" (h x w)
Expedite Label
1" x 2.5" (h x w)
Rush Label
6" x 4" (h x w)