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Damaged Shipping Labels (20654)

Damaged Shipping Labels
Damaged? Order vivid shipping labels on how to inspect and handle certain packages. Or just place a simple warning so receiving can verify that the box has everything they need. Damaged Labels are also particularly useful for packages that are susceptible to break, so everyone still handles the box with care when it arrives.
  • • Sold on convenient rolls of 500 labels.
  • • Bright, attractive, and hard to miss. Made of paper with an aggressive adhesive backing, ideal for shrink wrap, corrugated boxes, drums, and more.
  • • You can also order our helpful dispenser to easily pull labels from the roll.

Damaged Shipping Labels (64156)

Do Not Open with Sharp Object
3" x 5" (h x w)
Report Damage Now Label
2.5" x 5" (h x w)
Inspect Upon Receipt Label
3" x 5" (h x w)
Do Not Open Sharp Object Label
3" x 5" (h x w)
Inspect Immediately, Shipping and Packing Label
4" x 6" (h x w)
Inspect Immediately Label
4" x 5.25" (h x w)
Warning Before Signing for Shipment Verify
4" x 5" (h x w)
Before Signing Shipment Verify Label
4" x 5" (h x w)
Damaged or Open Label
4" x 4" (h x w)
Do Not Use Blades Label
4" x 3" (h x w)
Damaged Or Open On Delivery Labels Dispenser
1.75" x 2.4375" (h x w)
Customer Reviews
Man User Icon
Jul 11, 2019

Size: 4" x 5.25" Material Type: Fluorescent Paper Labels   Verified Purchase

informative labels

I really like these labels, just wish they were larger in size.....placing them on our large pallets, seems to make them look smaller. Thanks!
Woman User Icon
Apr 03, 2019

Size: 4" x 4" Material Type: Paper Labels   Verified Purchase


exactly what I wanted
Woman User Icon
Nov 20, 2018

Size: 4" x 5" Material Type: Paper Labels   Verified Purchase

Good solution

What can I say? You need this label on your freight, even if customers don't read it! This is much easier than the full-page labels we were printing in-house. It's visible and reminds the receiver to check the goods first.
Man User Icon
Sep 10, 2018

Size: 3" x 5" Material Type: Paper Labels   Verified Purchase

great product

nicer in real life than this image. No one is going to miss this label! Great value.
Man User Icon
Jun 18, 2018

Size: 4" x 4" Material Type: Paper Labels   Verified Purchase

Highly Recommended Damaged Item Label

Excellent adhesion, decent price. We use these labels on all of our outgoing shipping.