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Preprinted HazMat Placards (20703)

We have a comprehensive selection of the most common UN numbers preprinted HazMat placards in stock and ready to ship to you quickly. Preprinted placards assist you to avoid the hassle of hand numbering your placards, and sidestep the potential risk of incorrectly numbering your hazardous materials shipments. FlipPlacards.com’s preprinted placards provide you with an incredibly convenient way to tag your hazardous materials shipments by UN regulations. You can choose between two products. First, we offer a long lasting self-adhesive removable vinyl placard, which mounts simply to shipment surfaces and can be peeled off effortlessly if switching hazardous materials. The other offering is a heavyweight polycoated tagboard, which is resistant to water damage and slides in easily to standard placard holders.

Custom Printed Placards - 10.75" x 10.75" (79140)

Just add your text to these designs. Choose weather resistant tagboard or durable (but removable) vinyl.
Custom Printed Tagboard Placard
Custom Printed Tagboard Placard
Custom Printed Vinyl Placard
Custom Printed Vinyl Placard

Preprinted Class 2 HazMat Placards - 10.75" x 10.75" (20704)

UN 1005 Ammonia Dot Placard
UN1005 Class 2 Ammonia Placard (with Graphic)
UN1017 Chlorine Dot Placard
UN1017 Class 2 Chlorine Placard (with Poison Graphic)
UN1075 Petroleum Dot Placard
UN1079 Class 2 Sulfur Dioxide Placard (with Poison...

Preprinted Class 3 HazMat Placards - 10.75" x 10.75" (20705)

UN1203 Gasoline Dot Placard
UN1203 Class 3 Gasoline Placard (with Flammable Graphic)
UN1230 Methanol Dot Placard
UN1230 Class 3 Methanol Placard (with Flammable Graphic)
Flammable Dot Placard
UN1263 Class 3 Paint Placard (with Flammable Graphic)
Flammable Placard
UN1993 (Flammable)
UN1090 Class 3 Acetone Placard (with Flammable Graphic)
UN1120 Class 3 Butanols Placard (with Flammable Graphic)
UN1170 Ethyl Alcohol Dot Placard
UN1208 Class 3 Hexanes Placard (with Flammable Graphic)
UN1210 Printing Ink Placard
UN1219 Class 3 Isopropanol Placard (with Flammable...
Combustible Dot Placard
UN1263 Class 3 Paint Placard (with Combustible Graphic)
Petroleum Dot Placard
UN1267 Class 3 Petroleum Crude Oil Placard (with Flammable...
Flammable Dot Placard
UN1268 Class 3 Petroleum Distillate's N.O.S Placard...
Combustible Dot Placard
UN1268 (Combustible)
Toluene Dot Placard
UN1294 Class 3 Toluene Placard (with Flammable Graphic)

Preprinted Class 5.1 HazMat Placards - 10.75" x 10.75" (20706)

UN1942 Ammonia Nitrate Placard

Preprinted Class 8 HazMat Placards - 10.75" x 10.75" (20707)

Caustic Alkalis Liquids Placard
UN1719 Class 8 Caustic Alkalis Liquids N.O.S Placard...
UN1719 Caustic Akalis Liquids Placard
UN1719 Class 8 Caustic Akalis Liquids N.O.S Placard...
UN1791 Hydrochlorite Solution Placard
UN1791 Class 8 Hydrochlorite Solution Placard (with...
UN1760 Cleaning Compounds Placard
UN1760 Class 8 Cleaning Compounds N.O.S Placard (with...
Hydrochloric Acid Placard
UN1789 Class 8 Hydrochloric Acid Placard (with Graphic)
Phosphoric Acid Placard
UN1805 Phosphoric Acid Placard
UN1805 Class 8 Phosphoric Acid Placard (with Graphic)
UN1814 Class 8 Potassium Hydroxide Placard (with Graphic)
UN1814 Potassium Hydroxide Placard
Sodium Hydroxide Placard
UN1824 Sodium Hydroxide Placard
UN1824 Class 8 Sodium Hydroxide Placard (with Graphic)
Sulfuric Acid Placard
UN1830 Sulfuric Acid Placard
UN1830 Class 8 Sulfuric Acid Placard (with Graphic)
UN1832 Class 8 Sulfuric Acid Spent Placard (with Graphic)
Ammonia Solutions Placard
UN2734 Class 8 Amines N.O.S Placard (with Graphic)
UN2735 Alkylamines NOS Placard
UN2735 Class 8 Alkylamines N.O.S Placard (with Graphic)
UN2789 Class 8 Acetic Acid Placard (with Graphic)

Preprinted Class 9 HazMat Placards - 10.75" x 10.75" (20708)

UN3077 Hazardous Substances Solid Placard
UN3077 Class 9 Environmentally Hazardous Substances...
UN3082 Hazardous Substances Solid Placard
UN3082 Hazardous Substances Liquid Placard
UN3082 Class 9 Environmentally Hazardous Substances...
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Sep 11, 2017

Custom Printed Tagboard Placard : Custom Printed Tagboard Placard
Part #: DOT-2186 10.75" x 10.75" Custom Heavy-Weight Coated Tagboard   Verified Purchase

Placard 1175

Exactly as needed and on time!!
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Jan 31, 2017

Custom Printed Self-Adhesive Vinyl... : Custom Printed Vinyl Placard
Part #: DOT-2187 10.75" x 10.75" Custom Vinyl Placard with Removable Adhesive   Verified Purchase

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